The Operation Theatre (OT) is a place where surgical operations are performed by surgeons. In addition, specific diagnostic, therapeutic or invasive procedures are also performed by specialists from a variety of disciplines. Its main workload is derived from a host of surgical disciplines encompassing general surgery, obstetrical & gynecological surgery, orthopedic & trauma surgery, ophthalmic surgery, otorhinolaryngological surgery, urological surgery, neurosurgery, oral & maxillofacial surgery, plastic & reconstructive surgery, breast & endocrine surgery, cardiothoracic surgery and others.

 Fundamental to the provision of optimal peri-operative care is the consideration for patient safety during the administration of anesthesia and the performance of the surgical procedure.

Trained personnel, complete documentation of the procedures performed, the availability of reliable monitoring equipment’s, good procedure-specific instrumentation and above all, an environment where surgical asepsis is assured by best practices conforming to International Standards.